Even People Who Hate British TV Love “The Crown”

The royal family has always been the center of British media. In the recent news, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan Markle’s split from the Royal Institution has caused quite the stir, and the separation was published in several news outlets. It cannot be denied that no matter how old the British Royal Institution is, people will always be curious about their lives – how Royals are in an everyday setting, what they do in their campaigns abroad, and the history behind their family lineage. Anything remotely about the British Royals draws such great curiosity from the masses that they are a great source for a historical drama. No matter how much people say they hate the Royals, they love anything involving them nonetheless.

The family crown and their legacy

One of Netflix’s most popular series is The Crown, a historical drama television series that revolves around the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the events during her long reign. The Crown starts with Queen Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The first season revolves around the resignation of Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the early years of the Queen’s reign. The season also involves the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret’s affair with Group Captain Peter Townsend, a Royal Air Force Officer who was Equerry to King George VI from 1944-1952 and to Queen Elizabeth from 1852-1953.

The second season revolves around the retirement of Prime Minister Anthony Eden because of the Suez Crisis, and then subsequently, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan after a political scandal. This season also includes the birth of Prince Edward.

The latest season, the third season, revolves around the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and the time when Edward Heath was Prime Minister. It also showed the disintegration of Princess Margaret’s marriage to her husband. The latest season also introduces the budding relationship between Prince Charles of Wales to Camilla Shand.  

It was reported that the fourth season would introduce the time when Princess Diana joined the family and the events that occurred around that time.

Watch it now and catch up

Netflix is currently preparing for the fourth season as it gears up to the Royal’s most recent and most talked about family members of all time. This series has everything, from family conflicts to political intrigues, all of which are timelined beautifully. People will get to relive those front-page narratives and see these events in a new light as the Royals become more real, more human, in everyone’s eye.

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