“Togo”: An Incredible Movie About Dogs And The Snow

Spending time with your family can be perfect if you can watch movies with them during the weekends. Kids will always love to see movies especially if it is about animation, superheroes, or anything that they can relate to. Parents should go with their kids for them to be assured that they are watching the right kind of movies that suit their age and can also benefit their behavior. As much as possible, you have to look for movies that could give your kids moral lessons that they can apply in real life.

The True Story of a Sled Dog that Have Save Lives

People are surely amazed with stories about how animals can save the lives of humans. When it comes to pets, you don’t have to doubt that dogs will always be the top choice. In fact, it is considered to be a man’s best friend. No wonder why homeowners usually have their own pet dogs at home not only to guard them but also to be a part of their family. The relationship that people have with dogs can be very remarkable. With these, it is expected that lots of people have watched the movie “Togo” where they have witnessed the bravery of a sled dog that have encountered obstacles just to deliver a serum to heal sick people in Alaska.

This movie is perfect for the whole family because it can teach them goodness which is something that your child should practice at an early age. This movie is based on a real story so it would really capture your heart. Filming this movie is never that easy because you need to have a well-trained dog. Viewers who have already watched the movie were totally satisfied. It is inspiring especially to dog lovers out there. It makes them realize the importance of establishing a good relationship with dogs as well as to other types of animals.

Heroism is not only done by humans but animals can also do it. They also have the heart for people who take care of them. You just have to treat them nice and you will get back love and care from your pets. Togo is indeed a great film that the whole family should watch. It can be very valuable to children because it teaches them moral values on how they should treat dogs as well as helping other people who are in a tough situation.

Terrific New British TV Show Comes To America: “Traces”

When we talk about TV shows, nothing can match the one that is packed with suspense, thriller, and drama. One of the new ones we have that started the last year 2019 is “Traces.” It’s a British TV show that involves detective stories investigating a murder that led to different situations.

What is the “Traces” TV show

This is led by a female forensic investigator who teamed up with other female forensic science investigators. They try to find the killer in the murder case where they follow traces or trails of evidence they encountered along the way.

The setting of the show is in Scotland. Emma Hedges, Kathy Torrance, and Sarah Gordon are the three forensic professional investigators who tried to uncover the truth behind a murder case. They wanted to bring the killer out and put everything into justice.

What was so exciting about the show?

The most exciting thing in the show is how things are starting to unwrap bit by bit. It first started with a huge package where they drop a murder case in the scene. Then out of it, they began to unwrap things. The protagonist of the story was surprised at the turning of events. This is where the heavy drama comes in when a lot of people started to get involved.

Let’s go back to the unwrapping of things. This is one of the best ways to portray a detective story that involves forensic science in the investigation. The slowly unwrapping of elements allows the drama to live up to its title “Traces.”

More about the show

Several ideas have built the show altogether. But the central part of the story was written by Amelia Bullmore. The original idea of the story was based on the writings of Val McDermid, who is the best-selling crime writer.

Why would the American Audience love this show

First of all, it’s not an American show, it’s British so Americans would like to watch something for a change. The second is that it’s not the typical slang American accent. Some viewers would love to listen to British accents. The third of course is the content. The content is fully packed with suspense and thrill. It’s the mystery of the story that makes it more palatable to the audience. Since there is a mystery, audiences who have started watching it would want to know what will happen next or until that mystery is completely revealed.

That TV Series You Used To Love? It’s Probably Online Somewhere

Checking out our favorite TV series is a great way to wind down after a long day. We can sit back and relax and connect with all of our favorite sitcom characters. Perhaps there’s an old TV series that you used to love—one from 5, 10, even 60 years ago. Lucky for you, you’d probably be able to find it online somewhere. With sites such as 123movies site available, it’s easier than ever to find your favorite old TV series. Here’s how.

Watching Old TV Series Online

Maybe you’re a documentary buff, perhaps you love shows like Seinfeld, maybe you’ve been thinking of The Shield recently. Regardless of what type of TV series you used to love, chances are, you can find it online somewhere. Even some of the oldest classics or most obscure anime shows can now be found online. It may take a little bit of searching, but you should be able to watch that TV series you used to love in no time.

Best Sites For Watching TV Series Online

We are so lucky to have many sites for watching TV at our fingertips. We can look for specific TV channels like the CW Network or we can look at free sites like Yidio, 123 movies, Tubi, Crackle, Popcornflix, and Hotstar. If you’re after your favorite classic TV show, Retrovision is right for you. You can find your favorite show from as early as the 1950’s! All of these sites are easy to use and will cost you nothing.

You’re In Luck

Even if that favorite TV series of yours is from the 1950’s or 1960’s, you should be able to find it online today. You can grab your laptop or tablet and a bowl of popcorn and take a trip down memory lane. It might take a bit of searching, but you should be able to find any TV series that you think of online today!

“Sorry We Missed You” – A Foreign Film Worth Seeing

One of the best dramas to enjoy

We have watched a lot of movies lately. A lot of sci-fi, adventures, and fantasy and horror movies had been in our theatres. But why don’t we can take a little break from those and start to make our hearts pounding, not with fear and thrill but with intense drama?

One of the best drama movies you can enjoy is the movie “Sorry We Missed You” it’s a French-British-Belgian film released last 2019. It was written by Paul Laverty under the direction of Ken Loach and produced by Rebecca O’Brien.

What was the film all about?

They started filming the movie last September 2018 in the north-east of England in the Newcastle area. It was selected to be part of the Cannes film festival. The film was about a family man named Ricky who, together with his family, is struggling with a tremendous financial crash. They also had debts to settle.

One day Ricky had an opportunity to work as a self-employed delivery driver. He was hired and placed under t the tough Maloney, who supervised him. He and his wife Abbie were forced to sell their family car to buy a van for delivery. The job was so demanding to him, causing him lots of stress. It demands perfection in everything, especially delivering the items on time, and not committing any mistakes. Any mistake or late delivery will result in a fine.

His wife Abbie suffers a lot also in her job as a home care nurse, considering she had no car to use when she goes to her job. The increasing demands of her patient and her schedule cannot be catered well because of her lack of time.

The highlight of the story

The stress and problem inside Rick’s family escalate. As their job becomes more demanding, their son Seb becomes a problem as he skips school and always gets himself into trouble with graffiti. Their daughter even blamed Ricky’s job for causing them lots of pain, so she hid the van’s keys. This caused Ricky to blame Seb, which resulted in a heated argument, causing him to hit Seb.

The last part of the “Sorry We Missed You” film ended when Ricky was brutally assaulted and robbed while doing his delivery. The worst part is while he was hospitalized, Maloney phoned him that he was fined for 1000 pounds for his scanner, which was broken during the delivery.