One Of The Strangest, Greatest Guerilla Movies Ever: “Monos”

War movies are often depicted by men in uniforms speaking in military codes, usually commandeering in an army base or getting their bodies deep in the dirt across a battlefield. We often see these high budget films with special effects, impressive sets and locations, and CGI images of tanks and aircraft. There is also a clear depiction of who is on the right side of the battle and who is the villain. We always associate chaos with the conflict of military men that it is particularly disturbing when we involve children.

A guerrilla movie led by teenagers

Directed by Alejandro Landes, Monos is a war drama movie that follows the lives of a group of teenage guerrillas told to guard a hostage. These teenagers, collectively known as the Monos, are identified by their aliases. They are tasked to watch over a prisoner they call “Doctora,” who is played by Julianne Nicholson. They have a leader named Messenger, played by Wilson Salazar, who oversees all their activities. He later permits Lady, played by Karen Quintero, and Wolf, played by Julian Giraldo, to enter a romantic relationship, and then departs and leaves the group in charge of a cow named Shakira.

The group celebrates, and in the heat of the moment, Dog, played by Paul Cubides, accidentally shoots the cow, and it dies. Dog gets punished, and Shakira’s body is stripped of its meat. However, their group leader Wolf commits suicide. To save Dog, they tell Messenger that Wolf killed the cow and later himself out of guilt. Bigfoot, played by Moises Arias, becomes troop leader.

Their base gets attacked, and while in a frenzy, Doctora appeals to Swede, played by Laura Castrillon, to help her escape. She tries to escape, which enrages Bigfoot, but gets recaptured. Messenger comes back to the base, and all secrets come out, leading to Bigfoot being killed by Messenger.

The Doctora finally manages to escape by strangling Swede. Rambo, played by Sofia Buenaventura, escapes as well but is pursued by the pack. Rambo is rescued by the military. However, Rambo’s safety is not guaranteed.

Depth of the story

This film scored a high rating from audiences. Many viewers described the movie as thought-provoking, unsettling, and significant to its time. It has also received many accolades like World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award at Sundance, Audience Awards at Cartagena Film Festival, Best Original Music at Buenos Aires International Festival, and so much more.